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Bars and breweries are no longer places where you can find craft beer on draught. Mendez Fuel was one of the first places to introduce the idea of a growler and crowler filling station in a gas station. We now offer an incredible lineup of local, national and international craft beer on our shelves and on draught at 3201 Coral Way. Pick from hundreds of popular favorites, or get to know the delicious beer of a local Miami micro-brewery. With 16 and 20 taps available at our 3201 Coral Way and Westchester locations, respectfully, there’s always something new to love and bottle up in our 32 oz. Big Ass Can crowlers and 32 or 64 oz. Mendez Fuel growlers. 

Our modern convenience stores are bridging communication between our loyal customers and store updates with the help of social media, providing our followers with information on craft beer deliveries, new releases and weekly in-depth tap lists. You can follow Mendez Fuel on Facebook @MendezFuelHoldings and @MendezFuel on Instagram and Twitter. 

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